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6 Reasons to Start Unconventional Training Today

6 Reasons Why Unconventional Training is Getting Popular

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September 12, 2014
Updated April 12, 2018
Category: Fitness

The list of unconventional tools are growing and in popular demand, not just top strength coaches but also big box style gyms.

Have you seen anyone in your gym or perhaps on a video of doing push ups with their feet in blast straps, or rapidly swinging a kettlebell over and over again? Maybe you have even witnessed someone fighting dynamically with some big ropes. Why are people using these exercises and what could possibly be the benefit?

In this article, we will refer to unconventional training as the use of kettlebells, suspension training and heavy rope work. Why? Because they are not isolated machines, dumbbells or barbells. Although there are so many other forms available, these are the three most popular tools in use, that provide the biggest bang for your buck. Dumbbells, barbells and isolated machines are widely considered conventional training methods.

The best benefits of conventional training are strength and muscle size. So, why would anyone want to add unconventional training? Below I am going to discuss the 6 top reasons why you should add unconventional training to your exercise routine today.

1. Just Let Go.

“Just let go.”-Fight Club. I love barbells and dumbbells, but if you are like me and get bored. I have to break up the monotony and boredom. There are only so many conventional training routines using equipment.

With the incorporation of suspension trainers, kettlebells and ropes it offers us hundreds of new dynamic and fun exercises to challenge our brain and body.

2. Safety first.

As crazy as some of the exercises may seem using suspension trainers, kettlebells and ropes, they typically offer an easier and safer learning curve from beginners to experts. The movements using unconventional training are dynamic in nature using your own bodyweight.

There is no dial to turn, seat to adjust, just moving your bodyweight through space. Bodyweight movements are more natural and allow you to exercise the way your body was meant to.

3. Be Flexible.

One of the additional benefits of dynamically moving your bodyweight through space is enhanced range of motion. A greater range of motion during exercise forces our bodies to become more flexible. One of the biggest problems I’ve observed with hundreds of clients is limited hip mobility, which can lead to injuries.

Yet a few weeks of using kettlebell training, I have found the hip mobility to increase dramatically, thus improving my clients’ lifestyle by lowering the risk of unnecessary back injuries. Suspension training has a hundred different ways to improve your flexibility as well.

4. Get Real World Strong.

The reason we lift weights or move resistance objects around is to challenge our muscles. When we challenge our muscles they have to adapt leading to stronger muscles. Conventional training typically means we are moving a weight through space to get stronger. Most unconventional training methods require the body to move through space, challenging not just one muscle group, but our entire body.

It is during these exercises we increase our strength in our upper and lower body, challenging the core more than any machine ever could. We don’t move around all day lifting objects perfectly like a machine does, but we do move dynamically picking up our kids, getting out of your car or pushing a grocery cart. This is how we obtain real world strength.

5. Skip the Hamster Wheel.

We have all been there. My weights are done and I am staring at the treadmill, knowing I need some extra cardiovascular work. Should I do sprints, do I just run, what incline should I use, my legs are still tight, someone’s sweat is all over the machine. Sound familiar?

Unconventional training offers an entirely unique benefit to training, by giving the body a serious cardiovascular workout (due to the dynanic effort) without the impact or boredom of the hamster wheel (cardio machines).

Most resistance training is “anaerobic” in nature, requiring the body to use stored energy to perform. For most of us, our recovery between sets should be “aerobic”. This means our heart rate lowers while we rest ensuring we use oxygen for energy, allowing our body to perform at an optimal level.

Using suspension training, kettlebells or ropes forces the body to work on BOTH. Some exercises challenge both the aerobic and anaerobic system in the same set. So skip the hamster wheel and try some kettlebell swings for a better fat burn.

6. Busy Busy Busy.

Let’s face it we are all busy. Sometimes just making to the gym is an effort. When I tell clients that an hour a day of exercise is going to bring the best benefits I always get the same evil look. In the top six reasons above, I explained why unconventional training can be beneficial and why it offers the best bang for the buck.

Unconventional training can break up boredom in exercise routines, be safer and more effective to learn at all levels, increase flexibility and strength, increase cardiovascular strength and dramatically improving fat burn all in a fraction of the time.

In a well designed 20 minute unconventional training circuit we can train the full body for strength, cardio, flexibility, injury prevention and mental improvements. That’s the perfect solution for our busy lives. We all desire quicker results and unconventional training is an incredible tool and one of the most efficient ways to enhance success.

Unconventional training can be extremely effective for beginners to experts. The dynamic efforts used during training can also dramatically improve fitness levels in a fraction of time. Like many strength and conditioning specialists, I strongly believe that unconventional training needs proper coaching and should be used as a strategic tool in our fitness routines.

Live Relentlessly Strength & Conditioning programs use 1-3 unconventional exercises in each routine up to four times a week. I have personally found after a decade of coaching that certain exercises are more beneficial than others and are also easier to learn and apply.

Just because some new wannabe guru on YouTube has a crazy unconventional training exercise does not mean we all should rush to try it. Learn the basic exercises like Kettlebell swings, Suspension Overhead Squats and Atomic Push ups, battling ropes first before progressing to more challenging versions.

I have always told my clients and athletes “Check your ego at the door,” build your success on a strong foundation. With proper coaching and application, unconventional training can be fun and challenging and most importantly injury free. Try unconventional training and “Be Relentless.”

My aspiration in life is to help others achieve an above average lifestyle created through health and wellness of the body, mind and spirit. The Live Relentlessly lifestyle was created through my successes and failures of my career and my life experiences. It is in my life's journey I can teach you how Live Relentlessly. My goal through Live Relentlessly is to help you develop and strengthen your mind, body and spirit. This strengthening will help you increase your fitness level to new heights, increase your confidence, value your body and minds' potential, build healthier relationships, take risks, enjoy the moment and never regret anything that makes you smile. Building this strength will help you Live Relentlessly.
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