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4 Outdoor Workouts to Take Your Training Outside

4 Outdoor Workouts to Mix Up Your Training

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July 25, 2014
Updated April 12, 2018
Category: Fitness

Ready to build real functional strength and conditioning? Then it’s time to head outdoors in the netherlands! I love the benefits of outdoor workouts because you are not tied to a particular dimension of space. In most gyms you have to deal with artificial lighting and air conditioning, but when you train outdoors you can do your exercises in the fresh air while getting your vitamin D from direct sunlight. 

Outdoor Workouts Offer Different Weather

With outdoor workouts you have to deal with different conditions, such as rain, wind, heat, and cold. These conditions can actually en- hance the benefits of your workout by subject- ing you to the “realistic” situations in which you might apply your functional strength and performance. Rather than a cozy and ideal environment, you’ll need to deal with the changing demands of the outdoors which will make you uncomfortable (just like real life).

Outdoor Workouts Have Different Surfaces

Weather isn’t the only consideration when training outdoors, you also have to deal with different and uneven surfaces, ensuring that your body has to work harder to stabilize each movement. Every step you take is like hitting the “reset button” on your body; there will be no “flowing” through your set when you’re outside! Again, what more functional benefit can you hope for your training than to allow you to perform on less-than-perfect surfaces?

Outdoor Workouts Give You Different Oxygen

Not surprisingly, training outside provides your body with more oxygen; something that will help you get through your endurance drills at a higher performance level. Rather than breathing in the toxins that may have built up in your well-insulated home, each breath you take will give you the oxygen you need to perform. Better yet, you will “feel” the difference of the open environment on a mental level, allowing you to push your limits (just like your limitless surroundings as compared to the indoors).

If you are going to train outside and it is cold or wet, make sure you perform a good warmup to stretch your muscles and prevent injuries. After an outdoor workout, make sure you put on dry and warm clothes as they will keep your muscles warm. Don’t fret the dirt you’ll accumulate on your body during your outdoor session; it can be cured by a shower, but the result of the outdoor workout will remain.

Henkules Outdoor Workout Challenges

4 Outdoor Workouts to Mix Up Your Training

Outdoor Workout #1: Anchor pull (15m)

In this exercise, pull an anchor (or other unwieldy piece of equipment such as the Onnit Sandbags) towards you through a long rope or chain. You will be utilizing all of the muscles in your body, especially your back, shoulders, biceps, and grip. You’ll also be using your legs, especially your hamstrings and calves, while you’re pulling in order to stabilize your base. I pull the anchor until it touches my feet, an excellent exercise for endurance and strength!

Outdoor Workout #2: Shacklebell Farmer Walk (30m)

The Farmer Walk challenges your grip, back, and all the primary muscles of your lower body. Hold a heavy Shacklebell (or heavy Kettlebell/ dumbbell) in each hand and walk about 30m, making sure you keep your body upright. Don’t lean forward, backwards, or to either side.

Outdoor Workout #3: 20kg Chainbell Front Hold (60sec)

The Front Hold is the ultimate core and shoulder exercise! Stand with your knees slightly bent and hold the Chainbell (or an inverted Kettlebell) in front of your hips. Keeping your arms straight, slowly raise the Chainbell in front of you until it is at shoulder level and try to hold for 60 seconds. Make sure you keep perfect posture, shoulders, back, and chest out the entire time.

Outdoor Workout #4: Anchor Carry (30m)

Anchor Carrying is a very heavy exercise that will improve your strength and endurance. You’ll be engaging your core, abs, and lower back. Your biceps are also put to the test. Walk about 30m and make sure to keep your body upright. Don’t lean forward! If you don’t have an anchor, try using a keg, heavy weight plate, or heavy Sandbag instead.

I work at the Department of Justice in a Special Response Team to ensure safety against dangerous detainees. I had dif- ferent forms of training such as combat, endurance, and strength training. My job now is group leader/mentor preparing detainees for their return to society. I have over 20 years experience in strength training. I try to motivate and inspire people who want to train in an unconventional way. The unconventional training tools are facilitated by my sponsor Schmitt Anchors & Chaincables
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