Most basic Push Ups simply involve pressing your body up and down, meanwhile a Lateral Push Up, conversely, challenges your range of motion and stability control in balance. It will make you start to understand that it requires the work of the entire body in order to move laterally with each rep, making this Push Up variation quite unique.

Why You Should be Using Lateral Push Ups

Lateral Push Ups have been a signature move for the Warrior Mode program because they condition you for full body stability through full activation from the hips to your upper body. Constant core activation is required to maintain structure; the only active movement comes from the upper body. As each elbow bends outside for stability control, the opposite arm is extending while pressing away. Shoulders are rolled back and packed down helping you to strengthen the lateral press as your lats stay activated.

Many find the Lateral Push Up to be very difficult to maintain a solid structure while extending the arms fully without over extending, and always controlling the extension on each arm. When you practice safely throughout your days, you will start to understand the strength that is built into full body actuation.

Lateral Push Up Tutorial Video

Lateral Push Up Workouts

I recommend trying this out with 3/3 reps. When you get better, go 5/5 reps. After that, 10/10 reps finally. When you are able to have great form for all 10 reps on each side, you are strong as hell. To test yourself, try this:

8 rounds – each round 20 seconds on with 10 seconds off (don’t speed through it; move smart through your movement).

You will notice afterwards that your pecs and shoulders are more open and stronger.