Workout Summary

Just getting familiar with Heavy Steel Club training? No problem! We have you covered with this two part series focused on setting the foundational mechanics necessary to take the next step in your Steel Club training adventures. This basic program will introduce low amplitude swings along with pullovers, presses and squats. A steady diet of similar drills will be introduced in subsequent Steel Club training workout videos.

Workout Instructions

This program is to be done in a circuit format performing each Steel Club drill for the prescribed number of repetitions on each side before moving on to the next Steel Club drill. The focus is on developing proficiency with the Steel Club so rest as much as needed to maintain good form.

A1: 2-Hand Shouldered Squat – 4 rounds x 8 reps each side
A2: 2-Hand Pullover to Ready – 4 rounds x 8 reps each side
A3: 2-Hand Sit and Drive – 4 rounds x 20 reps
A4: 2-Hand Front Press – 4 rounds x 8 reps each side
A5: 2-Hand Lateral Sit and Drive – 4 rounds x 20 reps

Other Workout Details

Workout Created By: John Wolf
Workout Demonstrated By: John Wolf
Equipment Used: Onnit Steel Clubs