The 2-Hand Side Shouldered Squat makes a simple change to the 2-Hand Shouldered Squat by rotating the torso and Steel Club approximately 90 degrees from straight. This subtle change makes the drill much more challenging to control knee position. The amount of work that is transferred into the hips as a result makes this drill a great variant and preparatory drill for more dynamic exercises built from this position.

Exercise Steps

Step 1: Clean the Steel Club into the Ready Position aligned with the shoulder of the top hand.

Step 2: Rest the weighted end of the Steel Club on the meaty portion of the shoulder avoiding bony profiles while keeping your elbows in to the ribs.

Step 3: Rotate both the Steel Club and your torso to as close to 90 degrees as possible towards the top hand.

Step 4: Lower yourself into a deep squat keeping your spine vertical and your chest up and continuing to look down the barrel as it points to the side.

Step 5: Maintain an upright posture and as you stand out of the squat. Repeat.