The 2-Hand Side Press will take the attributes of the 2-Hand Front Press and add the additional challenge of torso rotation. The addition of this rotation will make the obliques fire to create the movement and then to stabilize the load. It is an awkward movement for most so the most common mistake is to attempt to move through the range too quickly, which will destabilize the Steel Club as well as the shoulder girdle. This is a high tension movement that should be performed in a controlled fashion.

Exercise Steps

Step 1: Clean the Steel Club into the Ready Position aligned with the shoulder of the top hand

Step 2: Tuck your pelvis and brace your core

Step 3: Turn your torso 90 degrees away from top hand and press the Steel Club towards your mid-line while keeping your shoulders back. The hips may turn but should turn less than 45 degrees.

Step 4: Maintain tension in core and lats as you pull the Steel Club back into rack facing forward. Repeat.