One Arm Kettlebell Front Squat Exercise Summary

The One Arm Kettlebell Front Squat Exercise is a powerful lower body movement. By holding a kettlebell in the rack position it increases the intensity, not just on the lower body, but the core and upper body as well. You are forced to stay tight as the bell wants to pull you forward engaging your lats, shoulders, erectors and more. The added imbalance of only holding on to one kettlebell further increases the intensity.

One Arm Kettlebell Front Squat Exercise Steps

Step 1: Clean and rack a kettlebell to one side

Step 2: Keeping the kettlebell in the rack position press your shoulder blades down and keeping a proud wide chest.

Step 3: Position your feet slightly wider than hip width.

Step 4: Start the squatting motion by bending at the knees first as you work to bring your groin in between your feet.

Step 5: The goal is as full a range of motion as possible without tuck your butt under.

Tips and Safety: No matter what weight you use, if you don’t have a full squat, you would be much better served to squat with the intention of integrated depth instead of simply pushing out reps to hit the numbers prescribed. Avoid rounding with the weight as you lower yourself as well as the “butt wink” at the bottom of the position. Maintain a neutral alignment despite the fact that the kettlebell will be pulling you to one side.