One of the great things about unconventional training is the ability to combine movements and training techniques into new exercises and workouts.

As we attempt to document and organize the methods involved in unconventional training (like kettlebells, calisthenics, sandbags, etc.), we’re able to witness the evolution of new movements as our contributors develop them.

What are Movement Flow Exercises?

These movements, commonly referred to as “flows,” attempt to combine exercises in the most fluid way possible, allowing for a smooth transition from one to the next. The movements flows below were created by some of our top contributors and have been seen by thousands.

The Benefits of Movement Flow Exercises

Movement Flow Exercises: The Key to Dynamic Conditioning?

In addition to showcasing the abilities of the Movement Flow creator, these drills have many benefits for anyone who attempts them. The individual exercises themselves are highly functional, requiring strength, conditioning, agility, and mobility all at the same time.

The smooth transition from one exercise to the next requires some degree of coordination and concentration, especially when done for time, speed, or high repetitions.

This mental focus during strenuous exercise is very useful for anyone who has to do physical labor in tough conditions, namely firefighters, soldiers, and athletes.

Just like in martial arts, the proper execution of movement flows can show the level of ability of the person performing them. While basic movements may require some level of ability, these drills can take them all to the next level, giving you an accurate assessment of where a trainee’s abilities truly lie.

Example Flow Exercise Videos

The following videos feature a variety of Onnit Academy contributors performing bodyweight flow exercises. Each trainer has a variety of skills that they have utilized to create these creative movements.

1. John Wolf: EKG Body Flow Complex


John Wolf, owner of Wolf Fitness Systems and the creator of Evolution Kettlebell Groundwork, performs a body flow exercise involving dynamic movements, balancing, and strength.

2. Joey Alvarado: Shadow-Jitsu Bodyweight Flow Exercise


Joey Alvarado, owner of Socal MMA Fitness and creator of Kettle-Jitsu, demonstrates a combination of bodyweight exercises including Leg Thrus, Explosive Deck Squats, and Knee-Touch Push Ups.

3. Greg Mihovich: Systema Joint Mobility & Combat Acrobatics Flow


Systema (Russian Martial Art) combat acrobatics and joint mobility flow are demonstrated by Underground Gym founder Greg Mihovich.

4. Mark Smith: Swamp Thing Flow


Watch as Mark Smith demonstrates a series of bodyweight training movements in this video.

5. Aaron Cruz: EKG Flow Complex


Aaron Cruz, trainer at Wolf Fitness Systems and Onnit Academy contributor, demonstrates a series of bodyweight movements inspired by Evolution Kettlebell Groundwork movements taught by John Wolf.

This flowing series of bodyweight drills involve groundwork, twists, and sprawls combined into a single flowing drill.

6. Anthony Eisenhower: Martial Arts Stunt Flow


Anthony Eisenhower, owner of Brood 9 Martial Arts, creator of the Brood 9 Stunt System, and Onnit Academy contributor, demonstrates a series of jumps, rolls, and falls in a non-stop exercise flow. Anthony uses these exercises to teach aspiring stuntmen to perform stunts safely.