Kettlebell Windmill Exercise

This movement will add stability and strength your shoulders as well as flexibility to your entire frame. There’s no need to go too heavy with this as it can put a lot of stress on your lumbar spine and puts you in an awkward position. Treat this movement with respect by performing it under extreme focus and control.

Step 1: Clean and Press a kettlebell overhead with your left arm

Step 2: Turn your feet 45 degrees to your right

Step 3: Kick your left hip out to the side as if trying to touch a wall right next to you keeping your left leg straight and vertical

Step 4: Hinging at your hips lower yourself in the direction of your feet

Step 5: Stand up and repeat

Tips and safety: Maintain a long spine throughout the entire movement to avoid rounding or twisting. Keep your eyes on the bell at all times to ensure a vertical arm. Time your breathing to exhale as you rise up from the bottom of the motion.