How do you improve your shoulder mobility?

If you do your research, one thing becomes abundantly clear: the only way to keep your joints healthy is to be constantly moving them. The more you move, the more your joints receive nutrients from the blood, the more the cartilage maintains its composure and its integrity.

So I recommend what I call a Morning Routine. The goal is to move every joint as fully as possible. But today, we’re just going to work on the shoulder joint.

Controlled Articular Rotation to Improve Your Shoulder Mobility

Put your thumb facing forward and tense up the rest of your body. All of the motion should be coming out of your shoulder for this movement. Slowly raise your arm all the way up.

When it gets difficult to go any further (this should be when your bicep is near your ear), reach up, turn your hand around, and bring your arm down while trying to stay in the same movement line.

After a couple of repetitions, reverse the direction for the same amount of reps.

If your shoulder is healthy, you should be able to stand next to a wall and clear the entire wall without having to step out. If you have to step out, that means you should be doing this movement more frequently.