Workout Summary

The Fat Shredding Steel Mace Workout is a high intensity fat loss flow built to increase aerobic capacity while improving mobility. By combining these two modalities you are guaranteed to get a full body shred while improving joint integrity!

Workout Instructions

Complete all exercises in group A before resting. Once completed rest as needed and repeat for 5 total rounds.

A1: Alternating Steel Mace Toss to Front Squat- 5 rounds x 30 seconds
A2: Steel Mace Pendulum to Front Rack – 5 rounds x 30 seconds (each side)
A3: Alternating Steel Mace Ballistic Toss to Lateral Lunge – 5 rounds x 30 seconds
A4: Steel Mace Press to Order Position – 5 rounds x 30 seconds (each side)
A5: Steel Mace Reverse Lunge to OH Rotation – 5 rounds x 30 seconds (each side)

Onnit Steel MaceOther Workout Details

Workout Created By: Erik Esik Melland
Workout Demonstrated By: Erik Esik Melland
Equipment Used: Onnit Steel Mace