Double Rotational Kettlebell Press Exercise Summary

The Double Rotational Kettlebell Press Exercise is a great way to intensify your pressing while incorporating some rotational strength and mobility. This is a movement that will work your body as a unit and build incredible upper body strength.

Double Rotational Kettlebell Press Exercise Steps

Step 1: Clean a pair of bells you can easily double press

Step 2: While maintaining a proud chest and long spine rotate 90 degrees to your right pivoting on the ball of your left foot while simultaneously pressing with your left arm

Step 3: Rotate back to a square position lowering the weight back down to the rack. Repeat on the other side

Tips and Safety: Avoid over-extending your shoulder by maintaining a packed shoulder and tension in your lats. If you lack the mobility perform this movement without weights or with extremely light kettlebells to build up to it.

Only perform this movement if you have the mobility in your lower spine to twist with kettlebells in the rack position and overhead.