Double Kettlebell Front Squat Exercise Summary

Few movements are as powerful as the squat. Add in a pair of double-racked kettlebells and the leverage will do wonders for your core and upper body as well. Whether you’re an athlete or not, young or old, squatting perfectly to full depth is a vital for maintaining a strong, mobile body.

Double Kettlebell Front Squat Exercise Steps

Step 1: Double clean a pair of kettlebells

Step 2: Take a breath and hold it

Step 3: Maintaining a long spine and proud chest sit down aiming to bring your groin in between your feet

Step 4: Once you’ve reached full depth start to let the air out slowly while driving through the ground until back to standing

Tips and Safety: Find the appropriate depth for your frame to avoid tucking your pelvis under at the bottom (butt wink). Maintain core tension and thoracic extension to avoid rounding under the load of the racked kettlebells. Keep your gaze straight ahead or slightly up. Do not turn your head during the movement.