The Barbell Loaded Hip Extension is the Barbell equivalent to the Kettlebell Swing.  The Barbell Loaded Hip Extension teaches you to generate power from the core outward to the object you’re attempting to manipulate. Instead of learning to move a weight from point A to point B, you learn to generate force from your body’s center. Building hip strength and explosiveness is the key to an athletes athletic ability.

Exercise Steps

Step 1:  Find a plyo box of bench that is approximately between 12-18″ high.

Step 2: With your feet flat on the ground, place the edge of said object under your shoulder blades.

Step 3: Grab the barbell with an overhand thumb grip and bring it to the top of your quads.

Step 4: Explosively thrust your hips through the barbell creating a bridge with your body.

Step 5: Pause for a second at the top and return to the start.

Tips & Safety:  Keep your back straight and your glutes tight throughout the duration of the Barbell exercise. Keep your heels down and your core tight throughout the duration. It is very important you do not start with to heavy of a weight.