The deadlift is a staple strength skill, but not everyone has explored the potential benefits of the 1-Arm Suitcase Deadlift. This drill will challenge your lateral stability and fire off the corset of muscle around your spine. In addition, the grip and forearm strength necessary to lift and stabilize the barbell will challenge even the strongest lifters.

Exercise Steps

Step 1: Stand beside the center of the barbell with your feet shoulder width or closer apart. Hinge at the hips and grasp the barbell in the center.

Step 2: While engaging your core and seeking to prevent core rotation, pull the barbell from the ground. Keep a tight grasp of the barbell and try to stabilize the weight as you lift.

Step 3: Lockout your legs at the top of the movement. If the barbell is swaying at all, stabilize before descending. If one side of the barbell touches the ground before the other, you need to either readjust your grip to find the center of the weight or move in a more stable and fluid motion while lifting.

Tips & Safety: Before starting your set, be sure to lift the weight one or more times to figure out where the center hand position is; once you find it, keep your hand in position.