Strength and endurance are on opposite sides of the sports performance spectrum. Being able to combine the two is being able the master the art of sport.

As an athlete in an event that is constantly testing the limits both in strength and endurance, I have found a few formulas I use to test your fitness levels.

The combination of gymnastic movements, static holds, kettlebells and running time trials will test any athlete to their maximum capacity if given the right objective and right intensity, here are a few of my tests.

Endurance Training Test#1: Kettlebell Snatch Test

Max Kettlebell Snatches in 10 minutes, allowing yourself to switch arms or place down the kettlebell when ever necessary.

Men- 24kg
Women- 16kg

If you’re just starting the goal is 100 plus, advanced is 200 and elite is 250+ This test is great for showing grip strength while exhausting your hip power at the same time.

Endurance Training Test #:2 Mile Run Time Trial

if you hate running the mile and you hate running 5k’s I give you the perfect answer, run two miles! Go all out and have no regrets at the finish line!

Endurance Training Test #3: 10 Minute Plank Test

Holding plank seems simple but it will break down the strongest of athletes within minutes. Being able to demonstrate a strong midline over extended periods of times is what defines an efficient strength endurance athlete.

During the test you have 10 minutes of a running clock, you can rest when ever you’d like but your shaving off from your potential perfect 10 minute score. for every second you’re down shave off one point from the perfect score of 600.

Endurance Training Test #4: Ascending Box Jump

Men use a 24 inch box, women use 20. you start by jumping once, you add a rep each minute and your next round starts at the top of every minute. Your goal is absolute failure, be careful for your shin and get ready to sweat.

Endurance Training Test #5: 100 Burpees for Time

It is pretty self explained, make sure your chest hits the ground and your feet completely leave the ground.

Final Thoughts on Endurance Training Tests

The tests you see above don’t necessarily define what one might call “endurance.” The reason i use tests like those listed above is to find an athlete’s levels of efficiency. If you are a monster at one of these tests that shows a narrow scope of athleticism but the goal is to be good, if not great at all of them.

Another way to look at these tests is by watching how well you can pace yourself throughout these tests. Meaning if your first 400 meters of the run should be the same as your last. By using short intense tests like these, you can slowly add more intervals or try to add more distance/reps to your last score.

To become an a better endurance athlete one must become efficient over time. The more economically your body functions over a distance the faster you can eventually become.

By using interval based tests such as these an athlete will train their body throughout testing to become more efficient at certain domains; Allowing yourself to become a better endurance athlete by increasing the length of the intervals and sets performed. Eventually these interval workouts will become long, grueling tests of endurance.

To find the most success with these tests perform each of them once and repeat them every 4 to 6 weeks. At first, test them separately of the others and eventually you’ll become so fit you can turn the whole list into a crazy circuit. Good luck and never shy away from a challenge!