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Learn 4 reasons why you need to start unconventional training.

4 Reasons Why Everyone Should Consider Unconventional Training

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April 17, 2014
Updated April 12, 2018
Category: Fitness

Onnit Steel MaceWhat makes unconventional training effective?

Taking a broad view of unconventional style training programs, there are various benefits that wouldn’t typically be found in the conventional training environment.

Unconventional training methods are rapidly being incorporated into the fitness regimen of people around the world.

Unconventional training is vastly different from the typical bodybuilding techniques that have been popular in “Big-Box Gyms” across America.

The big difference is the efficiency; a 10 to 15 minute workout with kettlebells can get you extreme gains in strength and conditioning.

The motions incorporated into unconventional training enable trainees to get the most bang for their buck. Though not exhaustive, the following list details many of those advantages:

#1 – Unconventional Training Focuses on results above aesthetics.

While it’s certainly important for many to look good, it is not an area of health and fitness, where the priority lies. Whether taking a look at whole populations or the daily activities of an individual, it is the ability to be able to move well and carry out functional tasks that has the greatest appeal. This is where unconventional training practices are particularly useful. Although there is certainly an element of aesthetic goal setting in this approach, most would agree that unconventional training offers a far greater functional training benefit than the traditional commercial fitness environment.

#2 – Unconventional training teaches new skills, which is both enjoyable and engaging.

Unconventional training typically involves learning new skills both during the initial stages of a program and as it progresses. One does not simply make a program more challenging by increasing the weight or reps but by physically altering the exercise, making it into a new skill that must be learned and practiced regularly. Skill learning is an engaging process that, as long as it is managed correctly, is highly rewarding both physically and mentally.

#3 – Unconventional training can often be performed outside of the gym environment.

A training facility is a great option for those that are able to attend. But what about those that cannot leave the house, are less mobile, or just don’t want to be in that environment? Unconventional training can be performed anywhere, and often without any equipment. This makes it a fantastic option for seniors.

#4 – Unconventional training is multi-planar.

Even without a focus on constructing a multi-planar training program, unconventional training is typically very effective at stressing the body through multiple planes. The same can be said of many free weight based programs but it’s a characteristic that makes it particularly useful. Exercises that require either movement or an ability to withstand stress through all three movement planes (Sagittal, Frontal and Transverse) are likely to have a good transference into functional movement and daily activities.

It’s Time for You to Start Unconventional Training

For those that have traditionally thought of unconventional training as an unsuitable option, it is time to change that attitude. The value of unconventional training comes not in the range of implements and methods that can be used, but in the way that the training can be made applicable to diverse populations. Applying sound coaching principles with an unconventional approach can produce amazing results.

Matt Palfrey is a strength and conditioning specialist, consultant to the healthcare and fitness industry and the author of the Sandbag Fitness Blog - a free resource for those wishing to incorporate sandbag lifting into their strength and conditioning programme. The Sandbag Fitness Blog contains information, tips and daily workouts for people to follow. Matt is based in the UK and his current clients include pro MMA athletes, individuals and a number of private sector health and fitness organisations.
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