Would you like to learn a challenging, fun, total- body workout that is simple to memorize and can be used to gauge your conditioning level and the levels of your clients? Would you be interested in knowing a workout that requires only one Kettlebell and can be used for training sessions that last anywhere from 3 to 60 minutes?

The 100 Rep Kettlebell Workout Challenge

The 100 rep challenge is a workout that is comprised of 10 movements, each done for 10 reps for a total of 100 reps for each set. The work set is not timed, but in my training and using this workout on many clients, I’ve found that it takes between 2 minutes 40 seconds to 3 minutes to complete the set. After each set, you’ll rest 60 seconds and continue for as long as you can (or want to). I like to think of this workout kind of like a boxing match with each set being a round. Most amateur fights are between 3 to 5 rounds of 3 minutes with 60 seconds rest. Professional fights are from 6 to 12 rounds.

If you do 12 rounds of this challenge, total training time will be about 47 minutes, and most experienced, rugged males should use a 16kg Kettlebell. Ladies, I would advise you to use 12kg or less. I can assure you, I know a couple of intense females who can use 16kg (however, this much weight is rare.) Sadly, I have had some male “trainers” try to follow me thru this challenge and by 5 rounds they are looking worried, and by 9 rounds most remember that they have somewhere else to be! I am old school and I can recall when championship fights were 15 rounds, so that is what I shoot for but only with a 16kg Kettlebell.

Kettlebell Workout for Total Body Fitness

My best is 10 rounds with a 20kg and 7 rounds with a 24kg. I will leave this kind of torture to you young bucks as I went double nickels (I turned 55) two days after this picture was taken! The cool thing about this challenge is that all the moves are exercises that you and your clients probably already know, so pick up a Kettlebell and follow along! Try to memorize the order of these moves and keep a towel and water close by so you don’t waste precious rest time; always keep them within a step away. Now, if you want to use this routine with new clients who have not yet learned to do a Snatch, I would just exchange that move for a Clean (most clients learn the Clean be- fore the Snatch).

Also, when training a group of clients, make it a rule that if anyone drops the kettlebell at any time, they must run in place or do Burpees until the group finishes the set. I know that some of you Alpha Trainers out there will want to see how far and heavy they can go with this, and I wish you well! Just remember that we readers of Onnit Academy want to see you do it, so please post a video.

100 Rep Kettlebell Workout Challenge

A1: Snatch (Left) – 10 Reps
A2: 2-Hand Swing – 10 Reps
A3: Snatch (Right) – 10 Reps
A4: 2-Hand Swing – 10 Reps
A5: Around the Body – 10 Reps
A6: 2-Hand Press – 10 Reps
A7: Around the Body – 10 Reps
A8: 2-Hand Press – 10 Reps
A9: Renegade Lunge – 10 Reps
A10: 2-Hand Swing – 10 Reps