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Very rarely do you get the best of both worlds -- But the Sweat-Jeans are that rarity. After sliding these indigo washed hybrids over your quads you will never want buttons or zippers again. With a wash and style that looks like denim, but a cloud-soft feel that is as comfy as sweats, these are a win/win for you and anyone who sits on your lap.

When we first set out to create the Sweat-Jeans, we knew we’d create a cloud-soft pair of sweats indistinguishable from denim. But, we had no idea we’d create something revolutionary. Since their debut, they’ve been described as “too darn comfortable”... “you might be tempted to wear while working out”, and “the most comfortable jeans I’ve ever owned”.

Naturally, we knew we needed to give our Sweat-Jeans’ fanatics a greater selection to choose from. After all, if they’re working out in them they could probably use a second pair. Our latest style, Charcoal Gray, offers the same bold washed look and unfathomably soft texture… except now with a darker shade, the styling possibilities are endless.