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Peter Queally

Peter Queally is an Irish, professional mixed martial artist. After initially starting his martial artists career in Muay Thai and Boxing, Peter eventually crossed paths with John Kavanagh who invited him to join the famous SBG team in Dublin, Ireland. Peter is one of Conor McGregor’s chief sparring partners and is considered by many to be the top 170 lb fighter in Europe.

Onnit has supported me as far back as my 2nd pro fight. They are a great company that genuinely makes me feel like they care about my performance and career. As a life long athlete, I've dabbled with many companies over the years. Onnit is on a different level, the quality of their products is second to none. Simple as that.
– Peter Queally
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I've always taken fish oil throughout my athletic career. I feel great benefits from it. Onnit's Krill Oil is very high quality. It makes me feel better taking something that I know is legit and not some cheap stuff in a store that I'm not sure where it came from.