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Nathan Dearaujo

Nathan began climbing in college as a form of stress relief in-between classes and exams. As soon as school was over, he packed his car and drove to El Paso Texas to sample some of the best rock the west has to offer. After two months of non stop-climbing and several double digit boulder problems in the bag, he returned to Boston and fully embraced the climbing life-style. Climbing many hard lines in his native New England; from the Sport crags in Rumney New Hampshire, to the massive conglomerate boulders in the Shawgunks of New York, he has made it his mission to push the standards of hard climbing and help his local climbing community thrive. Nathan has also coached some of the best up and comers in the competitive rock climbing scene, and some of his trainees have gone on to win national competitions in both Bouldering and Sport Climbing. Nathan has traveled the United Sates in search of the hardest best lines, but will always have a soft spot for the East Coast.

Onnit simply makes the best product available for any athlete that has an interest in pushing His/Her limits.
– Nathan Dearaujo
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For those long arduous training sessions in the climbing gym, I always use a combination of Shroom TECH Sport and Alpha BRAIN. In combination, I gain the mental edge and clarity to focus on pulling hard, without the jitters that can blow nerves on hard moves. I also take the same stack when I attempt hard climbs outside. It really helps me remain cool calm collect in some very stressful situations.
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With Total Primate Care, I feel like I'm getting the EXACT amount of nutrient sourced ingredients. The morning packs makes me feel like I'm completely optimized for the challenges of the day, both mental and physical. While the night packs set me up for deep restful sleep. Now that I've been using the TPC regime, its hard for to to picture my day to day without it. GET ON THIS PROGRAM!!
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I used to be really into fish oil until I tried Onnit Krill oil. After taking it for about two months I've come to realize that Krill is King! I take Onnit's Krill oil to keep my joints and tendons strong for climbing, and it also enhances my mood first thing in the morning. I think anyone who wants to optimize his or her health should be taking Krill Oil on a daily basis.