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Lori Lindsey

Lori Lindsey is a former professional women’s soccer player who represented her sport on both the national and international level. Her professional playing career spanned 13 years, with her most notable accomplishments of representing the United States Women’s National Soccer Team on the World Cup and Olympic stage. Lori is one of only four players to have played in all three U.S. professional women’s soccer leagues and was a two-time All-American at the University of Virginia. Now that Lori’s playing days are finished she is currently a personal trainer/coach at Ambitious Athletics in Washington, DC. She credits her success and longevity both on and off to strength training and is passionate about empowering young female athletes through strength. Learn more at www.lorilindsey.us

#88 Life of a Soccer Pro w/ Lori Lindsey | Total Human Optimization Podcast
#88 Life of a Soccer Pro w/ Lori Lindsey | Total Human Optimization Podcast
From the moment I started using Onnit products my body has never felt better. I have a lot more energy and my recovery has been phenomenal. I sleep well and have a great mindset in and out of the gym. I couldn't be happier with their support!
– Lori Lindsey
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