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Juan Leija

Juan Leija has 10+ years of experience in the fitness industry, from training in the corporate gym world to his own garage gym to coming on as the first coach at Onnit and eventually general manager for Onnit Gym ATX. Leading the charge, he continues to coach, having grown and learned a variety of skill sets from different mentors that have contributed to his development. All of which has led to his design of functional aesthetics and performance programming that provide incredible results for any willing to commit.

As the Onnit Barbell Master Coach, his focus is to bring a broader perspective to a traditionally used tool. Exploring a spectrum of movement that will help improve you physically/mentally while remaining injury free, and look great doing it. Training may be a serious endeavor for Juan, but it is his genuine heart that feeds his desire to see that training nourish a life well lived.

I Love ONNIT because of the community it has brought together!
– Juan Leija
Juan Leija Recommends
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My favorite tool at ONNIT is the Barbell, due to it being a fundamental piece in gyms around the world. Whether you're approach to barbell training be crushing 1RM’s, AMRAPS, or just mastering different unconventional movements you can choose your path to making the barbell your friend.
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ONNIT’s Shroom Tech® SPORT is one of my go to supplements due to the support it provides me when doing high rep barbell/kettlebell complexes, HIIT training and circuits. Just when you think you’re maxed out on your workout, it gives you that extra breath to finish strong and push for more.