Lip Food Lip Balm

Lip Food Lip Balm

Lip Food

Would you eat your usual lip balm? Just extend it out like a push pop and take a big old bite? If you wouldn't do that, you are using the wrong lip balm.

Our good friends over at The Dirt partnered with us to create an entirely food based balm that, in a pinch, could give you some much needed caloric energy. Made largely from grass-fed ghee and delicious essential oils, we knew this would make our Paleo primates grunt in approval.

Easy to apply, long lasting, and damn delicious — once you try our Lip Food we suspect you will never be hungry for any other lip balm again.

Joe Rogan
“This is by far the best lip balm I have ever used. Hands down.”
Joe Rogan - Comedian, TV and Podcast Host

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