Alpha BRAIN Golden Ticket FAQ's

Are all Alpha BRAIN products eligible?

Since we're celebrating this milestone with Alpha BRAIN, the eligible products are the flagship bottles, the OG's, the one and only Alpha BRAIN 30ct and 90ct. Yeah, we know that's two “one and only”, but you get it... because you take Alpha BRAIN.

Who is eligible to participate?

The Sweepstakes is open to all current US residents that are 18 years of age and older.

Will I get a Golden Ticket every time I order an Alpha BRAIN 30ct or 90ct bottle?

Yes! Every time you purchase an Alpha BRAIN 30ct or 90ct on during the sweepstakes period, you'll receive a Golden Ticket. Other sizes and versions of the formula do not qualify (not included in Sweepstakes: Alpha BRAIN 14ct, 60ct, or Alpha BRAIN Instant).

Where can I buy Alpha BRAIN to play in the Golden Ticket Sweepstakes?

Only purchases on will qualify and get you a ticket. #worthit

When does the Sweepstakes start and end?

The Sweepstakes runs from September 16th, 2019, through January 31st, 2020, while supplies last. That means that every bottle of Alpha BRAIN 30ct or 90ct purchased on until then will get another ticket, even more prizes, and earn another entry for a chance to with the trip to Austin!

Is every ticket really a winner?

Yup, no duds here! This ain't your momma's fast food Monopoly game, teasing you with Boardwalk or Park Place over free fries. Every Golden Ticket is worth something you actually want.

When will I know if I won anything?

Instantly! Enter your code and you'll receive an email with your prize details. Simply reply to that email to claim your prize, or you'll be provided with your coupon code on the spot. And don't forget to tell all your friends. The grand prize winner for the trip to Austin will be announced on or about February 14, 2020. 

What if I have an active subscription for Alpha BRAIN 30ct or 90ct?

Guess what? You're playing, too.