Extreme 2 Kettlebell DVD

Extreme 2 Kettlebell DVD

Extreme 1 was your kettlebell bachelor's degree, now it's time for your postdoctorate.

It is rare that a sequel will rival the quality of the original, but in this case, Keith Weber has done it. Included in this DVD is a full 8 workout vignettes for you to mix and match, that all follow Keith's masterfully sadistic protocol of pushing your entire body to the limit. Additionally, there is a very cool warm-up that combines some of Keith's own techniques mixed with some yoga, and joint mobility movements. As if this wasn't enough, Keith also includes to 2 core routines as well, to really blast the abs at the end of your session.

Because of the breadth and intensity of the content on this DVD, Keith also includes some very useful tips on how to get the most out of using the content. He recommends doing the whole disc with a light weight to blast endurance, or picking a few specific workouts with a heavier bell for explosive strength and work capacity.


The Flow

A relatively fast routine that includes swings, squats, good mornings, presses, tactical lunges, and a few extras.

Cardiovascular Workout

This is wind sucking workout that includes snatches, high pulls, swings, and clean and presses. If you are looking for a break in between movements, so sorry. Not in this workout.

Squat Series

As you can imagine, this really puts the legs to the test. Ideal to prepare for a camping trip without toilets.

Lunge Series

As if the squat series wasn't enough, Keith goes ahead and puts a whole routine together based around lunges. Get it!

The Ladder

Some ladders are slow, like a bench press ladder. This ladder is on the other end of the spectrum. It's a fast sequence of snatches, overhead squats, windmills, thrusters, and presses, finishing off with kettlebell swings. If you have only the time for 1 workout, this is the one to do.

The Grind

This is like The Ladder's younger brother. Similar, but not as old and mean. The Grind combines windmills, overhead squats, thrusters, squat kicks, and clean and presses for a great total body workout.

The Test

Despite the ominous name, this workout is actually a lot of fun. He really mixes it up and offers active rest to keep you pushing through.