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Division Daypack

It’s time for an upgrade. Fabricated with care from intensely durable nylon. Water and abrasion resistant. Adventure ready.

Division Daypack

Great leaders like you and many a great human before you have continuously felt called to take one step further in their journey –– whatever that journey may be. For Lewis & Clark, it was mapping the Americas. For Henry Ford, it was building the V-8 motor. For your great grandfather it was defeating the Axis powers. For Steve Jobs, it was building a company whose vision would go on to impact millions. And, while these leaders callings varied drastically, by their sides or on their backs was a damn good bag. And in these bags lived the tools they needed to change the world. From these bags, they drew their inspiration. What will you draw from yours?


  • Adjustable cushioned shoulder straps for optimal comfort
  • Optimized Patch System (O.P.S.) to customize your bag however you see fit
  • Padded internal laptop sleeve so you can take over the world
  • Quick release front clips for easy access.
  • Side mesh elastic pockets for everyday tools
  • Accented interior with bright orange water resistant lining
  • Dimensions: 21"H x 11"W x 6"D
  • Water & abrasion resistant durable nylon fabrication
  • Dirt proof internal storage for shoes (accessible through front zip pocket)
  • Laser cut silicone logo branding