The Beginner’s Guide to the Steel Mace

Primal Training for Power, Strength, and Balance

Maces have been used to condition warriors and athletes for more than 2,000 years. They’ve outlasted innumerable fitness innovations and gimmicks alike to remain one of the most effective training implements you can use, and for good reason. You can do everything with the steel mace that you can with a barbell, but the mace will require more from your core and stabilizer muscles, helping you build an unbreakable body. There’s also no better tool on earth for training rotational movements for explosive power—as in knockout punches and kicks, 90-miles per hour fastballs, and 300-yard drives off the tee.

If you’ve been curious about steel mace training but don’t know where to begin with it, or feel intimidated by what seems like a medieval bludgeon, let this FREE e-book show you why the steel mace is a must-have piece of equipment in anyone’s gym.

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