Almond Milk Latte Emulsified MCT Oil

A delicious flavor providing all the benefits from 100% coconut-derived MCT oil. Just add coffee.†

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Just stir and go…

Emulsified MCT Oil Benefits

Emulsified MCT Oil gives you all the benefits of MCT oil in the most convenient way possible. No need to uncoil your Vitamix, simply stir in this delicious almond milk flavor, and it blends evenly and instantly into beverages and foods. But, this quick delivery isn’t at the loss of taste. Our Almond Milk Latte EMCT Oil is sweetened with stevia and monk fruit for a nutty, aromatic experience. And to top it off, MCT Oil is one of the fastest sources of clean fuel for the body and the brain. With fewer steps to convert into caloric energy than carbohydrates, it is hands down one of the best ways to power up your performance or kick-start a nutrition program.†

2.7g Caprylic Acid per serving*
1.9g Lauric Acid per serving*
1.7g Capric Acid per serving*
The 1-2-3 of MCT
  1. 1) MCT stands for Medium Chain Triglycerides. Fats like these are important to support a healthy brain and multiple body systems. They play a particularly valuable role in weight management because of a positive effect on leptin receptors, assisting in keeping you feeling full and satisfied for hours.†
  2. 2) For high-intensity athletes and those following a Ketogenic Diet, MCTs can serve as a vital source of energy to fuel yourself through even the most intense workouts.†
  3. 3) Onnit’s MCT is 100% coconut sourced and contains a high amount of lauric acid, an essential nutrient for human optimization.† In addition, by sourcing our MCT oil from coconuts, we prevent the deforestation of palm forests – a natural habitat for endangered orangutans.
Coffee cup
Just add coffee

MCT Oil is one of the best fuels you can blend into a good cup of coffee or any beverage of your choosing. But the problem with MCT oil as opposed to something that is naturally emulsified like cream, or a non-dairy creamer, is that traditional MCT oil requires a blender to mix evenly.

We just solved that problem. Onnit’s Emulsified Almond Milk Latte MCT oil stirs into hot or cold smoothly and evenly. Emulsifying is a process of utilizing a combination of air and water to allow fats to disperse evenly in water. No more MCT oil slicks on the top of your coffee!

“I’m 100% Keto...
50% of the Time”

“I get it, going keto is hard, especially when the inner fat kid won’t shut up about those donuts. But if you can get control of that little voice in your head, and fuel your body with ketones instead of sugar, you’re going to take your game to the next level. Almond milk lattes are my jam, but if I’m training, podcasting, or hosting at the Oscars the last thing I want is a bunch of sugar in my coffee. I want those pure, delicious fats, and since this tastes like my favorite almond milk latte, I get the best of both worlds.”

Brendan Schaub
— Brendan Schaub
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Photo collage

Check Out More Practical Uses and Complete Recipes at Onnit Academy. Not recommended for use with Styrofoam or any other foam-based material.

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