Onnit is perhaps best known for it’s groundbreaking, clinically validated supplement line, but it goes a lot deeper than that.  Whether you are like one of the elite performers found on our Pro Team, or just an everyday sort of hero looking to make the most of life, Onnit is a pledge to help you find the answers and the tools to reach your full potential—in your body and in your life.

“How can I lose weight, stay healthy, or get strong?” “What should I do with kettlebells?” “How do I practice meditation?” From the basics of fitness and nutrition to mental and emotional development, we’re on it (hence, Onnit).

Our mission at Onnit can be summarized in three words: total human optimization (THO). As our founder and CEO Aubrey Marcus likes to say, THO is a commitment to get strong in the places where we are weak, become great in places where we’re good, and shine a light on the stuff we need take a look at. Supplements play a part in that, but they can’t take you all the way on their own.

What is Optimization?

Optimization is a process and not a prize. A journey, not a destination. To be truly optimized is to be living up to your potential at any given moment.  Your potential today is not the same as it will be in a year if you stay the course, but to judge yourself today on the standards of tomorrow is foolhardy.

To optimize effectively you have to recognize that the mind, body, and spirit are interconnected.

Improvement in one area specifically will bring improvements universally, while a deficiency in anything will hold back everything.

For example, your goal may be to drop 10 pounds.  Clearly addressing your diet and your fitness will be a big part of that.  But if you haven’t cleared the mental blocks preventing you from achieving your goals, you will be fighting an uphill battle.  In this case, optimization will entail some training of your mind apart from what you do for your body in the gym and in the kitchen. On the flipside, if you’re an experienced athlete looking to raise your game but you’re restricted by tight muscles or old injuries, you need to address your ability to move efficiently before you can attempt to add weight to the bar or shave seconds off your run times. Through our articles, products, programs, and network of top-tier experts, Onnit can help you identify the areas you need to bring up to par and guide you in doing so.  The main areas of focus are supplementation, nutrition, fitness and mindset.

A Unique Approach To Supplementation

Supplements can be a challenging space to navigate.  Some supplements are effective, but contain harmful chemicals and additives.  Others are natural but you don’t feel anything when you take them.  

Onnit built it’s reputation as the best in class by combining the most efficacious plant-based extracts with rigorous clinical research.  

The result is just that: results.  Verified in double blind clinical research and noticeable when you start taking an Onnit supplement.  You will literally feel on it.

The best place to start is with our Total Primate Care.  Convenient day and night packs combine all of the best of our human performance supplements with the basic essentials to go light years beyond a traditional multivitamin.

Onnit Total Primate Care

From there, feel free to explore the different unique combinations that we’ve tried to make as simple as possible to understand.  If you are into the data, check out the published research that has withstood the rigor of the scientific community for our flagships Alpha Brain, ShroomTECH Sport, and Total Strength + Performance.

Earth-Grown Nutrition

Most diets and eating philosophies focus on one ambition—quick weight loss, maximum muscle gain, optimal health, greater energy, or ecological sustainability. We advocate an approach that serves them all. While what constitutes good nutrition can be very individual, research has demonstrated that it’s the excess consumption of sugar, not fat, that bears much of the blame for the high rates of obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and many other ailments that plague our culture today.

Therefore, the vast majority of people who want a better body, higher performance, and lasting health will make great progress following a diet that’s based on whole foods and is higher in fat and lower in carbohydrates than what is popular in the mainstream.

While we don’t turn a blind eye to any nutrition viewpoint and are always scanning the latest information, Onnit is a place where movements like Paleo, low-carb, and the ketogenic diet intersect. See “The Ketogenic Diet For Weight Loss, Energy, and Better Health” for a deep dive into a nutrition philosophy that can change your life.

Furthermore, we believe foods should be sourced from farms that both honor the planet and treat their animals humanely. Onnit’s foods and supplements go out to our customers as close to how we found them in nature as possible, and are free of illegal substances and other harmful agents. They proudly bear certifications from organizations such as the Rainforest Alliance, UTZ, and the Banned Substances Control Group (BSCG, the gold standard in third-party dietary supplement testing), indicating that they’re environmentally friendly and safe for use among competitive athletes who can’t afford to fail a drug test.

Unconventional Training

On the fitness front, Onnit specializes in what our colleagues have dubbed “unconventional training”—employing equipment and methods that aren’t often found in the typical commercial gym.  On the other hand, some of these so-called unconventional training methods have actually been around for thousands of years, since the early Greeks who practiced forms of calisthenics.  Onnit’s unconventional tools—including but not limited to the kettlebell, steel mace, steel club, battle ropes, sandbag, and suspension trainer—challenge the body in unique ways.

Common among most of them is the feature of off-set loading: the weight of the implement is spaced away from where you hold it, requiring you to control and stabilize the resistance throughout every movement. By forcing you to maintain structural integrity (think: good posture and body mechanics), you’ll activate muscle (especially in your core) in a more athletic and functional way.

Unconventional training can serve as a supplement to—and sometimes even a replacement for—barbells, dumbbells, and machines. It’s the heart of the training done at the Onnit Academy in our headquarters in Austin, TX, which is rapidly becoming a destination for elite athletes and celebrities around the world. If you want to know more about how we train at Onnit, see “10 Things I Learned At the Onnit Academy Foundations Certification.”

Positive Mindset

Whether the goal is to optimize your body, health, relationships, career, or anything else, you have to get your head on straight. That means adopting habits that train your mind to be open, focused, and calm. From learning to breathe like Dutch daredevil Wim Hof to living a life without regrets with tips from an end-of-life caregiver, we have strategies to help mitigate stress and develop self-awareness and emotional balance. While many websites can show you the steps to achieving goals—leaving you with a plan your unconscious mind won’t let you follow—ours seeks to teach you how to create the mindset that makes anything you want achievable.  Like learning to take control of your mind with “How To Meditate.”

For an ongoing archive of articles on training, fitness, health, and more, go HERE, and check out the Onnit Podcast to hear interviews from our expert guests.