Slamming a tractor tire with a Steel Mace (or sledgehammer) is one of the best exercises for power and conditioning. The Staggered Stance Tire Slam exercise has the added benefit of a slight rotation while performing the drill, requiring additional core strength to complete the movement.

Exercise Steps

Step 1: Stand in a staggered stance at a distance of approximately the length of the Steel Mace away from the tire. Firmly grip the Steel Mace with both hands, one hand near the ball of the mace with your opposite hand at the other end.

Step 2: Rotate the Steel Mace behind you in a circular motion keeping both feet firmly planted on the ground. As you swing the ball of the Steel Mace over your shoulder, pivot with your hip and raise the heel of your back foot off the ground.

Step 3: As the Steel Mace passes your shoulder, allow the hand that was near the ball of the mace to slide down the handle towards your opposite hand. Engage your core and bend at the hips to explosively bring the Steel Mace down onto the tire. Catch the handle off the bounce and repeat.

Tips & Safety: Don’t simply let gravity do the work for you during this drill; engage your core and actively try to slam the Steel Mace as hard as possible onto the tire. Get into a rhythm and pick up the pace as much as possible during your sets.