Kettlebell Around the Body to Straight Arm Hold Exercise

This ballistic movement is great for adding variety to your kettlebell routine as well as an added upper body and core challenge with the straight arm aspect. The leverage of the bell and by maintaining that straight arm will force you to tighten up throughout your entire body.

Step 1: Single Arm deadlift a kettlebell to the standing position.

Step 2: Pass the kettlebell through your legs behind you into your other hand.

Step 3: As the bell whips around your leg stand up utilizing a hip snap and catch the bell with your other hand staying close to your body.

Step 4: As the weight drops transfer it through your legs and repeat.

Tips and Safety: Maintain a long spine even though the transfer to avoid rounding at any point. Hold your breath and keep the tension in your core during the drop and transfer while exhaling during the launch back into the hold position. Keep a neutral neck position to avoid straining during the movement.