Double Racked Kettlebell Split Squat Lunge Exercise Summary

This is a powerful movement to build incredible leg and core strength as well as balance. By staying in the split squat stance position you keep the tension on your legs as opposed to stepping forward/back and releasing the tension.

This will allow you to perform more concentrated work, but also forces you to go lighter

Double Racked Kettlebell Split Squat Lunge Exercise Steps

Step 1: Double Clean a pair of kettlebells to the rack position

Step 2: Take a step back that will put you into the proper form for the bottom of a lunge (upper thigh of the leg that comes back should be perpendicular to the ground)

Step 3: While staying in that position drive equally through both feet until both legs are straight

Step 4: Lower yourself back down and gently touch the ground with your knee. Repeat

Tips and Safety: Maintain core tension and thoracic extension to avoid rounding forward. Make sure you are using a pair of kettlebells you feel comfortable within the rack position. Avoid slamming your knee into the ground on the descent.