Workout Summary

Indian Clubs are one of the most basic and ancient fitness tools still in use today. The smooth swinging motion of the Indian Clubs has the ability to increase upper body mobility, helping to both prehab and rehab joint injuries often caused by striking and wrestling. Joint mobility training involves high repetition movements that encourage the circulation of synovial fluid around individual joints. The Classic Wooden Indian Club Mobility Workout reinforces this technique through fluid swinging movements focusing specifically on the arms.

Workout Instructions

Perform each Indian Club exercise for 60 seconds back to back with little to no rest in between each exercise. After completing one Indian Club round, rest 60 seconds before beginning the second round.

A1: Indian Club 1-Hand Cast (each side) – 2 rounds x 60 seconds.
A2: Indian Club 1-Hand External Rotation Circle (each side) – 2 rounds x 60 seconds.
A3: Indian Club 1-Hand Internal Rotation Circle (each side)- 2 rounds x 60 seconds.
A4: Indian Club 2-Hand Overhead Swing – 2 rounds x 60 seconds.
A5: Indian Club 2-Hand Overhead Circles (each direction) – 2 rounds x 60 seconds.

Other Workout Details

Workout Created By: Mark De Grasse
Workout Demonstrated By: Mark Smith
Equipment Used: Onnit Indian Clubs