This course is designed to provide each attendee with an in depth and systematic process for the seamless integration of the Steel Club in training. This tool delves into the expanse of immense multi-planar potential our body holds.

A diversely layered, step by step approach is taken to strengthening the connection, of what often feels like an unwieldy implement, to becoming a natural extension of ourselves. Taking full advantage of the Steel Club design to open up new ranges, establish a foundational platform for articulated force and access dynamic power generation.

This multi-dimensional connection assists in overcoming major roadblocks in progress by developing the often neglected sensitivity to adjust output, activation, redirection, absorption and deceleration.

The Onnit Academy Steel Club Specialist Certification has been architected to empower your training journey through the smooth access of this highly impactful training modality.

Learning Objectives

The Onnit Academy Steel Club Specialist Certification teaches attendees:

• Handling, safety protocols and effective space management.
• The variable effects of training through multiple Steel Club configurations: Single, Double and 2 Handed.
• Integration of the Steel Club with optimal structural alignment for ease of movement.
• Creating joint stabilization for efficient deceleration, absorption and lever control.
• Effective grounding, pelvic mobility and hip inclusion for maximum power generation
• Opening limited ranges of motion including: Shoulders, Elbows, Wrist, T-spine and Hips.
• Breaking down pivotal transition vectors for dynamic redirection
• Establishing groundwork for Steel Club flow movement sequencing.


A Vortex denotes a whirling mass that produces such force as to draw anything within its proximity towards it. But not only towards it. Rather down deeper into its ever tightening core, to its central point of impact.

That is the effect Steel Club training has. It inexplicably draws everyone who witnesses the Club in motion. Yet upon getting closer and ultimately making first contact, it can seem incredibly intimidating.

The thing is, stepping into the heart of that powerful torrent opens access to immense energy. Harness it and you tap into a veritable well of unrelenting Vitality.


• No prerequisite required to attend this Specialist course of the Onnit Academy Longevity & Performance System.
• The Foundations Certification course is highly recommended as a precursor to this Onnit Academy Steel Club Specialist Certification course.


$995US – General Admission


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8:30 AM – Steel Mace Certification Sign In & Orientation
9:00 AM – Morning Session Begins

Durability Warm Up
Steel Club Specialist Presentation
Handling & Positional Awareness
Connect to Your Tool
Connect to Your Center
“Open Up/Stabilize”

12:45 PM Lunch
1:45 PM – Afternoon Session Begins

“Earth to Center”
“Expand Out”
Applied Workout
Durability Decompression

6:00 PM – Day 1 Complete


9:00 AM – Morning Session Begins

Durability Warm Up
“Spiral Connection”
“Revolve In Power
“Holding the Eye”

12:45 PM Lunch
1:45 PM – Afternoon Session Begins

“Embrace the Impact”
“Unleash the Storm”
Graduation Workout
Durability Decompression

6:00 PM – Day 2 Complete


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