When it comes to pre-workout nutrition and supplementation, the heated debates and contradictory claims continue to flood the market. However, if one simply looks at the biological response needed to fuel the human body through a workout with high efficiency and strength, there are a few key points you need to pay attention to.

Onnit's Shroom Tech Sport#1: Be Cautious With Certain Stimulants

With a coffee shop or convenience store supplying pounds of sugar and caffeine to the masses, our fatigue epidemic is obvious.

While these compounds may have benefit for the short term, the accompanying artificial flavorings, colors and chemically-derived additives generally provide nothing more than a dose of shock and toxins to the immune and nervous systems.

When looking to get a pre-activity boost, stick to a simple list of ingredients that came from plants, not ones that were made in a plant.

The world’s most addictive and widely consumed boosters, caffeine and sugar, become detrimental in excess and should be used in extreme moderation.

Instead, you can choose to use non-habit-forming compounds that give a similar or greater effect!

#2: Cover Your Bases

Science has helped us weed out some of the controversial aspects about pre and post workout nutrition and supplementation. What is certain is that Beta-alanine serves a vital role in maintaining cellular energy to get you through even the most intense of exercise sessions.

Whether you are an endurance athlete, fighter, swimmer or other high-performing fitness artist, our bodies have some universal requirements. Beta-alanine seems to be one that helps people across the board. Of course, understanding the fundamentals of nutrition is of utmost importance to get the full benefit for your efforts.

#3: Integrate Movement Into Your Day

Sitting in a cubicle for 8 hours and expecting to have a surge of energy when needed is like expecting a palm tree to flourish in Alaska. If your environment is not suited for optimal health and performance, suboptimal health and performance are usually the outcomes, regardless of your magic potions and powders.

While supplementation acts as a catalyst for supporting the body’s energy production centers, a simple walk around your office building outside may be enough to stimulate some blood flow through your legs and organs. Walking exercises in combination with your supplement regimen can act as a team, allowing you to outpace the competition.

Gravity is your friend, take time to simply stand up off the couch, out of your computer chair and walk for a few minutes outside your door. Your mind and body will feel the effects.

#4: Support Your Hormone Levels

As the perpetual fear of aging and decline reins over our shoulders, it’s not all doom and gloom. Numerous accounts in the scientific literature point to the fact that herbal and plant compounds may provide support to the natural reduction of testosterone production as we age.

Specifically, a plant commonly known as longjack has shown the capability to restore testosterone levels, therefore notability increasing sexual health. One could expect increased performance levels in the fitness arena as well.

The key here is that aging and the decline associated with it is not set in stone. We have power over our environments and especially what we put into our body. Every time you eat or drink something, you are either positively or negatively sculpting your health.

#5: Get Started and Stay Focused

The hardest part of any pre-workout routine for me was actually getting in the car and getting to the gym! Upon entering the gym or your favorite workout location, notice the amount of people that are distracted and enthralled into their iPods and cell phones.

At the end of the day, you still have to DO THE WORK! Supplements can definitely help you stay focused, engaged and energetic through your workouts, but they can’t help you if you aren’t moving!

If you’ve been debating on how to get started, when to go, where to go, etc, you can let your questions go. Now is the time. Whether it’s a simple walk down the street or the most intense sparring session fueled by clean nutrition and supplemental assistance, action is key.