Ever get sick of training under the stale, fluorescent lights of your local gym. For all your outdoor folks, here are 5 Kettlebell workout to take your next training session outdoors.  USA Jungle Gym (USAJG) is not a gym, facility, or the next big fad. It is, however, a state of mind. A belief that is meant to challenge the mind and body by means of unconventional fitness methods. USAJG has continually challenged popular fitness standards by rejecting the notion that you need to pay large sums of money to get fit and use conventional fitness norms to get strong. Holding fast to ideals that run counter to the mainstream fitness perspective, USA Jungle Gym has created a niche for itself and a home for like-minded individuals. The USAJG manifest reads like a script for one heading into the after life, but it can all be summed up as such: self-actualization through unconventional fitness.

USAJG is Built Upon Three Pillars:

  • Trail Running
  • Kettlebells
  • Calisthenics.
Onnit Kettlebell 12kgIts goal is to build bodies and minds capable of rolling out at a given notice. Workouts continually shift and individualized objectives set the tone for personal gains. The only constant is the need to push beyond the personal boundaries of endurance and strength. While the pillars mentioned above support USAJG from the ground,ancillary work such as stone lifting and throwing, sandbag training, rope climbing, and heavy bag training also support USAJG’s unconventional approach to fitness. These low cost methods are extremely effective and can be used by themselves or as unit. It has taken a few years to develop the USAJG standard to finally hone in on what makes a very well rounded and capable human being. The trials and errors have been many, but to finally find what works for endurance, strength, and longevity, it couldn’t be more appropriate. Trail running, kettlebells and calisthenics complement each other quite nicely. There’s no need to amass an arsenal of equipment to workout with, nor is there a need to spend ridiculous amounts of hard earned money on a bogus gym membership equipped with half ass trainers. What is needed in this day and age is a minimalist mindset and an expanding capability to do more with less. For those who walk the unconventional fitness line, this shouldn’t come off as anything new. If anything, USAJG should solidify your belief in what you’ve been doing while causing you to further assess your equipment, workouts, and mental and physical ability to endure. Never be satisfied with what and who you were yesterday. Put yourself through new challenges, workout hard on days where your time is limited, set goals and reach them, use only what you truly need and never compare yourself to anyone else; compare the you of yesterday to the you of today.

Kettlebell Workout #1:

5 Kettlebell Workouts for Outdoor Athletes

Kettlebell Junction Workout

Equipment: Double Kettlebells Instructions: 100 Double Kettlebell Cleans 30 second off 100 Double Kettlebell Military Press 40 seconds off 100 Double Kettlebell Front Squat 50 seconds off 100 Double Kettlebell Swings Repeat as necessary

Kettlebell Workout #2:

5 Kettlebell Workouts for Outdoor Athletes

Kettlebell Rack Run Workout

Equipment: 1 Weighted Backpack Kettlebell Instructions: 200 Push Ups 100 Kettlebell High Pulls ( 32kg) 5k with Weighted Backpack for time

Kettlebell Workout #3:

5 Kettlebell Workouts for Outdoor Athletes

Kettlebell TSC Works Workout

Equipment: Kettlebell Instructions: 100 Kettlebell Burpee Deadlifts Rest 3 minutes Max Pull Ups 3 sets 2 minute rest between sets 50 Kettlebell Snatches right arm 50 Kettlebell Snatches left arm

 Kettlebell Workout #4:


Ground Down Kettlebell Workout

Equipment: 1 Steel Pipe Kettlebells or Cinder Blocks totalling 200 lbs 1 Weighted Backpack Instructions: Set a distance (.25 mile/.5 mile/1 mile). Put on the backpack and deadlift the weighted pipe. Carry it as far as you can. When you can’t carry it any further, set it down and bang out 12 Push Ups. Pick up the pipe and repeat until the distance is covered.

Kettlebell Workout #5:


30/30 Club Kettlebell Workout

Equipment: Kettlebell Instructions: 30 Kettlebell Jump Squats 30 Kettlebell Pushups 15 Pull Ups 30 Sit Ups 15 Chin Ups 30 Burpees No rest between Exercises. 3 minute rest then repeat 2 more times.

Bonus Workouts

Gorilla Warrior Warm Up:

Equipment: None Instructions: 10 Sprawl to Burpee 10 Squats 10 Push Up to Half Heist 10 Squats 10 Sprawl to Burpee No rest between exercises 60-90 second rest between evolutions. Complete 3 for a workout or 1 as a total body warm up.

Homeland Invasion Workout:

Equipment: Sandbag Instructions: Sandbag Squats x 10 reps Diamond Push Ups x 10 reps Sandbag Squats x 10 reps Chin Ups x Max Sandbag Squats x 10 reps Pull Ups x Max Sandbag Squats x 10 reps Diamond Push Ups x 10 reps Sandbag Squats x 10 reps With no rest immediately haul ass for 1 mile. Repeat (or not)...

Outdoor Barbarian Workout:

Equipment: Stone Hanging Rope Instructions: Stone Squats Stone Press Rope Climb or Tree Pull Ups Stone Toss 5k-10k Trail Run

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