ac-11®: Super Herb

The Amazon rainforest produces some of the most potent herbal medicines used around the world. Cat’s claw, also known as una de gato or Uncaria tomentosa, is one of the most renowned. Referred to as the “Sacred Herb of the Forest,” traditional cultures have revered cat’s claw for its Anti-Inflammatory, Antioxidant, and Immune boosting properties for hundreds of years. The active ingredients in ac-11® come in the form of potent Carboxy Alkyl Esters (CAE’s™). After years of research, the creators and founders of ac-11® developed a hot-water extraction process based on a proprietary molecular sieving technology that concentrated and isolated patented CAE’s™, creating ac-11® — Super Herb.

ac-11® PROVEN to Repair DNA!

The safe, all natural and water soluble ac-11® has been shown in clinical studies to actually repair damaged DNA. The exact mechanism by which this bioactive rainforest plant extract helps the body to repair environmental stress-related damage to DNA awaits further study, but the results are in. ac-11® is the perfect union of the rainforest’s secrets with the miracle of today’s advancements in phytonutrient science.

What ac-11® Means for You

Taking ac-11® is like having a superhero on your team. As the body takes damage from the stress of living on the edge, be it partying, working out, or staying late at the office, ac-11® will be there on the front lines, repairing your damaged DNA strands & helping the body combat free radicals. This means more available energy for you, as all of the major body systems including immune, circulatory, and respiratory will have much less interference to deal with. The result is a feeling of natural vitality… It is a reservoir of stamina released from your body’s natural potential that allows you to play longer, workout harder and push yourself further than you thought was possible.

Optigenex Inc is the exclusive patent holder for ac-11®. US patent numbers: 6039949, 6238675 B1, 6361805 B2