Your Holiday Survival Guide

25 Tips to Stay Lean This Season

How To Not Get Fat Over The Holidays

You’re not imagining it. Christmas hams, Hanukkah gelt, and New Year’s drinking binges DO contribute to weight gain over the holiday season. In fact, research shows that you risk putting on more weight between November and January than at any other time of year. Your brain tells you to hit the gym, but your mouth is singing, “Oh, bring us some figgy pudding!”

It’s OK. We’re not going to tell you not to enjoy yourself. But we can tell you how to mitigate the damage that holiday parties, stressful travel schedules, and missed workouts can cause. Our Holiday Survival Guide shows you how to have your cake and eat it too—literally—with tips on controlling cravings, navigating buffets at parties, making the most of whatever time you do get in the gym, and avoiding sneezes and sniffles when your immune system feels like it got run over by a reindeer.

Bonus: The Guide features nutrition tips from Dom D’Agostino, Ph.D., one of the world’s foremost experts on low-carb and ketogenic diets.

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