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As heard on 100 DOLLAR MBA podcast.

  100 DOLLAR MBA podcast

Alpha BRAIN® has been shown, in many adults, to take effect after a single dose. Try it now FREE!

It was so frustrating.

The “brain fog” at work was relentless.

My job (well, jobs) required me to really be on top of everything. It was demanding, and my attention would drift away (usually to social media), or my mind would slow down, and I was constantly forgetting names, places, or tasks I had to accomplish.

Worst of all, this kept happening when I needed to be on top of my game.

So, I tried everything.

I would try pure willpower. As you can imagine, it was quite ineffective. It was like trying to accelerate while your car is stuck in neutral.

Bottomless cups of coffee

I would drink bottomless cups of coffee, but at some point along the line, caffeine just stopped working. I had to drink a cup just to be normal, and if I drank too much I would get ‘twired’ (tired and wired).

There was always the option for pharmaceutical drugs, but, with all the potential side effects, I pretty quickly ruled that out.

This cycle to nowhere continued until I started research and experimentation with natural cognitive enhancers. I started noticing effects, and I steadily grew in confidence that it was possible to create a truly revolutionary cognitive supplement. With the help of doctors and scientists I poured through all the research.

What I discovered
blew me away:

It turns out that certain natural foods and botanicals have been clinically shown to improve memory, mental speed, motivation, and focus. What would happen if I combined the best of all of them into a single pill?

Entrepreneur, Vitality Coach, Community Leader
— Tyrone Isaac

Student, Blogger, Dance Teacher
— Hannah Boyl

Onnit Pro, Podcast Host
— Joe Rogan

Clinically-Studied Ingredients

This was it — the breakthrough moment. With a team of scientists and researchers, we took the best Earth-grown botanicals and created a one-of-a-kind cognitive enhancer called Alpha BRAIN®.

Shown to Enhance Memory & Focus

BSCG Certified

BSCG Certified Safe

Earth-grown Nutrients

Most Popular Nootropic

Works the First Time

Alpha BRAIN® isn’t a stimulant and won’t make you feel jittery — unlike coffee or some of the more popular prescription solutions.

Instead, when you take Alpha BRAIN®, you begin to notice subtle but profound changes in your processing speed, ability to focus, and memory — all of which can help to transform your life. Before you know it you will be accomplishing those tasks you have been putting off. Your writing will improve, your speaking will improve. I know mine has.

Today, for a limited time, I’m giving you a chance to try Alpha BRAIN® for one week for free. Just pay shipping.

Try it. I’m confident you’ll love it.

Aubrey Marcus, Founder, Onnit



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Alpha BRAIN® is used by professional athletes, successful CEOs, and world-famous entertainers - including these from our sponsored pro team.

Michelle Waterson

Michelle Waterson

MMA 105LB World Champion

“Alpha BRAIN® definitely helped my mental game and being able to get in the zone. It helped me keep a clear mind when I’m training, which is very important as a fighter.”

Duncan Keith

Duncan Keith

Professional Hockey Player

“Hockey is not only physically but also mentally demanding. Alpha BRAIN® helps me to focus and have razor sharp clarity and alertness on the ice.”

Flip Into Flow State

Gain Effortless

Headphones and Alpha BRAIN® for Effortless Concentration

What if you could flip a switch in your brain to trigger optimum performance? Well, research shows that it may be possible by triggering your brain’s alpha state.

Here’s how it works: your brain emits different patterns of electrical activity (beta, alpha, theta, and delta waves) which have tremendous effects on your state of mind and performance.

For instance, when feeling stressed and unable to think clearly, you are likely in a beta brain wave state.

But when you experience periods of being in the “zone,” you may be actually experiencing an alpha brain wave state.

We all know how it feels to get into the “zone,” or a “flow state.” Times where you had razor-sharp focus, a burst of creativity, and were able to perform at your absolute best. Moments where you’re so engaged in a task that your mind forgets to worry about anything else.

Peak Alpha Brain Activity
Theta/Beta Ratio

According to research, these flow states are triggered with increased alpha brain waves. And Alpha BRAIN® can increase your ability to enter a flow state by enhancing your alpha waves.

The study also found that Alpha BRAIN® significantly increased verbal recall, processing speed, and executive functioning.

In other words, evidence strongly suggests that Alpha BRAIN® works.

Alpha BRAIN®

For Free

But is it worth the money?

This is a question we get a lot. For people who’ve never tried supplements or nootropics, the 50 dollar price seems like a lot...

But is it really?

Our 60 count bottle of Alpha BRAIN® is a 30 day supply, assuming you take it every day.

That comes out to $1.70 per day. If it makes you a superhero at work, helps you ace your exams, and gets you that promotion, you'll make that money back 1,000 times over!

The Hidden Cost Of Other Supplements

“But I looked at your competitor, and they’re offering another supplement for cheaper!”

Their bottles may be cheaper, but did you consider the cost per dose?

  • Competitor A: Costs $2.14 per dose ($42.95 for a bottle with 20 doses)
  • Competitor B: Costs $4.50 per dose ($99 for a bottle with 22 doses)
  • Competitor C: Costs $3.31 per dose ($53.64 for a bottle with 16 doses)
  • Alpha BRAIN®: Cost $1.70 per dose ($50 for a bottle with 30 doses)

While other competitors may seem cheaper per bottle, once you dig a little deeper, and find out how much one dose costs you, you’ll see our solution is not only the best, it is also the most cost effective.

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Cancel any time within that first 15 days, and we won’t send you your 60ct bottle. After 15 days, if you’re not satisfied for any reason, keep the bottle and we’ll give you a full refund. You don’t even have to call. No hoops, no catch, nothing. It’s as easy as it can possibly be.

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